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Employer Steps

Easy Job Posting:

  • Select Job Posting Level
  • Pay for them
  • Post your jobs


Key Features with

Job Posting
  • Employers can post jobs online by filling out the simple web form; clone, edit, delete or deactivate posted jobs. 
  • Job Descriptions are done in Rich Text allowing you to put job description information in Bold, italics, underline, bullet points, hyperlinks, and much more. 
  • Add photos and videos to make a very attractive job posting. If you do not have a company video, add a video of the city to give the job seeker and idea of the location.
  • Your job will show on the interactive map allowing job seekers to find positions near where they live or want to live.  Set for the job location as this may be different than the company address.
  • Built for mobile - Your job listing will look great on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Company profile page 
  • You can let job seekers know more about the company, benefits, and why the company is an employer of choice. 
  • Same as the job postings, use Rich Text and video to show of your company.
  • Company location shown on the interactive map.
Application Destination
  • Choose between online application process and redirection to a certain URL (e.g. employer site).
  • Employers also can set a specific email address for each job to have applications sent to (e.g. different hiring managers due to location or job type).
Resume archive
  • Different from other job sites, we do not close down access to your account and resumes soon after your posting expires blocking you from your applications. We send you a copy of the resume by email and keep your online resume archive open.
Screening Questions
  • An employer can create screening questionnaires to filter only relevant applicants. It is possible to add questions with different answer types (text, yes/no, single choice and multiple choice) and assign certain passing scores for each question. Once a job seeker undergoes a questionnaire during application process employer will get an average score and see whether the candidate fits to the position or not. This saves time as you can measure the job seekers' language ability, experience, visa status, start date, etc., and filter the good ones quickly.
Application Tracking
  • Employers are provided with all necessary tools to view, accept or reject applications from job seekers.
Effective Resume Search
  • For employers with this option, you are able to search resumes by different criteria including keywords and location (with radius search); select between standard list search results display and map view.
  • It’s also possible to save resumes and resume searches; create/manage resume alerts and receive latest resumes by email.
  • Resumes can be downloaded in PDF file for later review.
  • Employers can add personal notes for saved resumes.
  • Printer friendly resume details page is available.
  • Location field allows employers to search resumes by Prefecture, City, Postal Code in one single field.
Employer Sub Accounts
Employers can create sub-accounts for staff and set up certain permissions for them. You determine your account user's level of functionality and can add or subtract users at will. No more sharing passwords with staff.
Employer Reports
Employers have a section in their accounts where they can track quick stats on the current number of jobs, job views and applications received. It is also possible to track general statistics per certain period (month, week, day) and specific performance data on each job.

Other Features
You will have access to “My Account” which will keep your hiring activities organized. My Account is packed full of features that you will just have to experience for yourself.

Various Posting Levels

Featured:  Shown on the top page  'Featured Listings' block, these jobs are highlighted and appear at the top of the search results highlighted in a different color.
Standard: This is the Standard posting level which includes all the below features, as well as, a company profile section shown next to the posted jobs and landing page.containing company info and all company jobs.
Pricing Levels
Following are the prices for a single job posting. Please inquire about bulk discounts if you need to post multiple positions throughout the year.
Level 1 – Featured job listing (35,000 yen for 30 days)
In addition to being listed as Featured on the Top Page, your job will get highest status in searches and listings. Instead of getting bumped down by newer postings, Featured Jobs stay at or near the top of the list for up to 30 days drawing greater awareness. Details

Level 2 – Semi-Featured job listing  (25,000 yen for 30 days)                       
For the first 7 days online, your job posting will get Premium search and listings, then the job will be listed as a Standard job. Details
Level 3 – Standard job listing      (15,000 yen for 30 days)                                   
The Standard level postings are listed on the site for 30 days with unlimited rich-text job descriptions, included in all applicable searches, company profile, screening questions, full-featured candidate tracking system, and much more. Details
We would love to hear about your hiring needs.  Please contact us on our Inquiry form or send us an email directly to [email protected] (Japanese or English).


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