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Job Postings are for specific job openings. Listing cannot contain multiple job functions, employment types (full-time/part-time) or more than one location (Prefecture).


Level 1 - Featured Posting

Get the highest exposure with your positions for 30 days! Your job will be displayed as “Featured” on the top page, highest ranking in search results and highlighted to stand out to job seekers. This level is useful for urgent, difficult to fill and multiple hiring positions..


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Level 2 – Semi-Featured job listing

For the first 7 days online, your job posting will get Premium search and listings, then the job will be listed as a Standard job..


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Level 3 - Standard Posting

The Standard level postings are listed on the site for 30 days with unlimited rich-text job descriptions, included in all applicable searches, company profile, screening questions, full-featured candidate tracking system, and much more.

リッチテキストで編集可能、該当するすべての検索に対応、 会社プロフィール掲載、フィルタリングアンケート、応募状況管理システム等の機能がついています。

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