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Commercial Act  

CompanySpectrum Consulting Japan G.K.
Address2-33-12-1003 Yasuuracho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 238-0012 
Phone  03-4589-9801
Contact  [email protected]
Person in Charge Peter Lackner
Other CostBank transfer fee (consumption tax is included in the price) No bank transfer fee for credit card payment 
Return and RefundWithin 14 days only for service portion not utilized. Bank transfer fee is to be paid by the customer. No refunds if client does not hire via classified listing
Shipping/Delivery Upon purchase
Payment Method Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal 
Payment DueAdvance payment by credit card issuers (Credit Card) or Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer) unless otherwise specified.
PriceIndicated on each item upon purchase